New Skills and Toolkits

~ New Skills ~

Biology: Intelligence (Biology) is used to cover both a general understanding of the life sciences, knowledge of living catalogued organisms, and the reasoning and capacity to study new forms of life. Characters wishing to understand an alien life form might make such a check to learn about the organism’s breathing requirements, or to find out what chemical compounds it would find poisonous.

Computer Use: Intelligence (Computer Use) is used when one interfaces with a computer in more than a casual fashion, and covers general knowledge of networks, programming and computer security systems. A character might make a computer use check to hack into a captured data pad, write a program to alert them to the comings and goings of a particular person on a station, or to do Tech research.

Culture: Intelligence (Culture) is a general understanding of sociology, current events and pop culture that let you understand the cultural events going on in society around you. A character might use this skill to recognize a popular musician, fashion trend, artistic style, customs or a pop culture reference.

Engineering: Intelligence (Engineering) covers a wide variety of physical sciences and knowledge common to starship personnel operating in the field. Use of this skill would be appropriate for overloading a reactor, boosting a thruster’s output, or designing a replacement system.

Law: Intelligence (Law) is used to represent a character’s knowledge of legal procedure and precedent, and such a skill might be used to recall what goods might be illegal in a region, write a business contract, understand a contract, and to argue in a court of law.

Navigation: Wisdom (Navigation) is used to plot Hyper courses as well as plotting in normal space, and requires a solid mix of complex maths and common sense. A character would make such a check when preparing to make a Hyper Jump out of a system too close to the gravity well, or in an attempt to shave some relativistic time off of a trip.
New Tool Proficiencies

~ New Tool Proficiencies ~

Astrosurveying Equipment: This tool is used for the gathering and analysis of data on a system wide scale, creating detailed charts useful for navigating hazards, planetary orbits, and the like. A character would use this tool to create a detailed navigational chart for a system or when searching for mineral deposits.

Demolitions Kit: This toolkit is used for the creation, placing, or defusing of explosives and demolition charges. A character would use this tool when setting a ship to self-destruct, attempting to destroy a bridge, or to disarm a bomb.

Repair Kit: This toolkit is used to repair technological devices, systems or vehicles. A character might use this tool to repair battle damage to their starship, patch a propellant tank, reattach a CAST’s arm that was torn off, or return a laser pistol to working order after being dropped in a swamp.

Techer Kit: This toolkit is used to identify and create new Techs, as well as install them successfully. (THIS IS BASICALLY CREATING SCROLLS)

Planetary Survey Equipment: This tool is used for the gathering and analysis of data, on a planetary scale. A character would use this tool to create detailed planetary charts for navigation, exploration or colonization, or when looking for something particular on a world, like mineral deposits or other resources.

Ship’s Systems: A character may be proficient with one or more of a ship’s systems, granting them the ability to add their proficiency bonus to ability checks to operate related duty stations. The systems are:
-• Weapons: Ship based weapons systems
-• Engines: The engines and propulsion systems of a ship
-• Hull: Managing the ship mechanically, and performing damage control
-• Computers: Managing ship archives and support programs
-• Sensors:The ship’s short and long range sensors, the eyes and ears of the vessel
-• Communications: Ship’s ingoing and outgoing communications and electronic warfare

Vehicle (Atmospheric): These are vehicles designed to be used within a planetary atmosphere, and can encompass planes, helicopters, tanks, transports and even sailing vessels. A character would use this proficiency when attempting particularly risky feats of piloting, such as in combat or attempting a dangerous landing.

Vehicle (Space): These vehicles were designed to be used primarily in space, and can encompass everything from space taxis, shuttles, cargo tows and lighter craft all the way up to battlecruisers. A character would use this proficiency for particularly daring feats of piloting, such as in combat or attempting risky maneuvers.

~Toolkits ~

A tool enables a character to do something difficult or impossible without it, such as repair a ship, destroy a bridge, forge an access card or cheat at cards (particularly hard without any cards!).
Toolkits Cost/Weight
Artisan’s Tools 25 10
Astro-surveyor 50 12
Demolitions Kit 25 15
Disguise Kit 50 10
Forgery Kit 50 10
Musical Instrument 5 2
Planetary Surveyor 50 12
Repair Kit 40 30

Artisan’s tools: These tools allow you to pursue a particular craft or trade, such as brewing alcohol, tailoring, cooking, sculpting, carving wood, and so forth. Each type of craft is a separate proficiency, but it is a safe bet that if you want to make something, there is a particular artisan’s toolkit for it.

Astro-surveyor: This is mostly a specialized personal computer and specialized interface with reference libraries of star charts, specialized software for the charting of stellar phenomena and mapping of systems. If a character wants to map an asteroid belt, or determine if a distant star might have habitable planets, this device will let them decipher data from a telescope or ship’s observatory.

Demolitions: This kit contains all the necessary tools for the creation and rigging of bombs and explosives, as well as defusing them. While the kit contains no explosives, it does contain detonating wire and transmitters, timers, radio controllers and a database of known demolitions equipment specifications.

Disguise kit: This kit contains a variety of cosmetics to allow a person to pretend to be another. This contains a variety of contact lenses to change eye color, hair dyes, fake fingerprint gloves, and minor wardrobe items like scarves, glasses, and fake piercings as well as gender covering items like urinary pipes, false breasts, tiedown tape and the like.
Forgery kit: This kit contains the hardware and software needed to hack an identity chip, rewrite a keycard, scan and reproduce a signature, forge a document, lift and duplicate fingerprints, produce a false retina lens, and the like, allowing a character too spoof many types of security measures.

Gaming set: This set contains all the pieces needed to engage in a type of gaming such as chess, poker, dice, videogames or tabletop RPGs. Proficiency with a gaming set allow a character to add their proficiency bonus when playing that game against another character.

Musical instrument: This is a single type of musical instrument such as a violin, keyboard or set of bagpipes. Each type of musical instrument is a separate proficiency.

Planetary surveyor: This is a specialized personal computer and interface designed to allow a character to interpret scans of planetary bodies and regions, analyzing them for mineral deposits, soil and water quality and the like. A character would use this equipment to produce reliable planetary maps, determine a landing or colony location, or to parse complicated climatological data.

Repair: This kit contains the many specialized and personal tools a skilled mechanic requires to service, repair and modify equipment, synthetics and vehicles. A character wanting to repair a hull breach, reattach a robot’s arm or add an enhanced scope to their rifle would make use of this toolkit.
Techer: This kit contains the many specialized and personal tools someone would need to work with Tech discs. Items might be along the lines of a small wrist computer, a palm tablet, or a tech visor to correctly work with the mechanics and information needed to create a Tech. (THIS IS BASICALLY CREATING SCROLLS)

New Skills and Toolkits

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